Web Developer & Designer

My name is Raymond Lam, and I love growing beautiful software.

This site was prepared with the following ingredients:

Flask/Python PostgreSQL HTML5 CSS3 Stylus/Jeet Javascript/jQuery Photoshop

And served on top of...


Deployed with:

wercker codeship



I'm connoisseur of good food, so I try to reward myself after a hard day of work with a deserving but modest meal.

And Whenever I find myself in a situation where I'm bored or stuck on a line of code, I find myself pondering on what my next meal will be.


For so many years, we have reaped what mother earth has had to offer, however we have done little to give back. Like many, I try to reduce my own carbon emmisions and looking to turn to a more sustainable lifestyle.


About Me

I began my journey in 2009 as a Computer Engineering major and moved on to completed a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology in winter of 2012. I enjoy designing and implementing simple & clean, user-friendly apps for the web and mobile devices.

Eventhough I graduated from college, I have not put down my backpack; I try to keep learning new and interesting things every day. Aside form coding and designing, I sometimes find myself in reading about science, art, history, philosophy, and astrology. As of late, I'm learning about sacred geometry.

I am a usability junkie so I prefer Apple equipment. And would much prefer Linux systems over Windows. I enjoy evenings with family and friends, a good movie or some TV shows, and from time to time a good read.

I also enjoy long walks at parks and biking in the great outdoors.

Oh! And I heavily induldge my time in Gastronomy.

Contact Info

I'm currently open to freelace projects and interested in full time opportunities in the US or Asian Pacific for as a Python Web Developer. If you're interested in cooking up a recipie with me, you can say hello to me @ raymondlam1991[at]icloud.com